The SR5 Story

State Road 5 started years ago when we were just kids, in Eureka, Missouri, the place we call home. Each night as we would go to sleep, the two of us would lie in bed listening to the sound of our baby grand piano filling the house. Our sister, in the room next to us, would do the same. Dad always made it a point to put music in our lives. And so from an early age we learned to listen, to appreciate and to play.

My dad laid the foundation and he brought others along to teach us. We started at the piano. We would sit in our living room after school going over the basics with our teacher, overlooking our backyard and the woods beyond. At the time we had no idea what an impact those early days would have. We continued experimenting on the drums, bass and eventually settling on the guitar and piano as our primary instruments.

Of us kids, our sister was the first to pick up an instrument. By high school, she was singing, too, and started writing her own material. She was, and is, an amazing musician.  We were stuck struggling through covering songs, guitar tabs and sheet music. But in time, we learned and we grew.

Today, we are loving what is happening in our lives. We are working on creating more music that stirs people, that they can sing along to, that they can reflect on or do as they choose. We are just two guys on a journey. We’ll see where it takes us.

In the mean time, please enjoy the music in front of you.


Michael and Matt